About Us

Praise the Lord
Prayerful greetings to all of you in the Holy and only one mighty saving name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me share about me so that knowing about each other, we might come together to be bonded in the blood of Christ and share in all aspects for the wide spread of the Kingdom of God.

About me:
I am Pastor. John David Dimmili, born and brought up from Hindu orthodox family in the village called srungavruksham, Thondangi Mandal, East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh in India. We were completely under the bondages of idols, ritual practices of since our forefathers.
I use to spend my life as I liked with friends, without any responsibilities, fully intoxicated with alcohol, smoking, watching filthy films and adultery, spoiling my life without knowing the abundant grace of forgiving Love of Jesus Christ. I never cared the good words of my village community and parents.

Turning point:
In the eternal plan of God even before the foundations of the world, one day a neighbouring village pastor and the church team came to my village for outreach ministry. As I did not like Jesus Christ, I started fighting, scolding with bad language and warned the pastor to stop his ministry.
In 1996 my father fell sick critically, carried by us for all his daily needs, not able to give him proper treatment due to poverty and as a result, he died in the same year.
Again the same pastor came to my house, comforting me with great words from the Holy Bible and preached God’s word. None of the village community comforted me like this man of God comforted. Though the pastor did not see my father, but knowing that I lost y father, the pastor introduced the heavenly father and invited me to come to the church.
I understood that something new was happening in my life. As I slowly started going to the church and reading Bible, the holy scriptures from Psalms: 118:8 touched my heart.
Then that I submitted my heart listening God’s word, The Holy Spirit started leading me to increase my faith in the Lord. I confessed my sins before the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord. I became the child of God.

About my Family Life:
After return I was wedded with Aruna on 26th July 2001.
Problems and Providence:
God provided a small rented house (palm leaves hut). We continued the ministry, praying day and night by faith. Many times we fainted because of not having food. No proper clothes even. The first offering was INR 10 but the same now became 100 folds of blessings in the ministry.
5 years waiting for Children in the Family:
Till 5 years after the marriage, there were no children. We were afraid and discouraged regarding the children but fasted and prayed pleading day and night. We visited many doctors. My own people were mocked at me saying, “Being a Pastor, God’s servant why this problem? Bearing all these humiliations, trusting the promise of God, we continued the ministry. At last Doctor declared of no more chance having children. At this declaration, my wife was so much discouraged.
In the year 2006 one day my wife got great pain (menses) she was rolling so severely. I prayed to God stop the pain. I lost my control and was discouraged. I started wrestling with God in prayer. God revealed in vision that my wife was healed, the next month became pregnant, and delivered a male child.
God fulfilled his revelation by giving us a male child whom we named Clint Paul Rein hard. Wonderful God did wonders in our life.

By sharing this testimony, I hope many are strengthened and Glory to God for all his miraculous leading. I prayerfully invoke heavenly blessings on all of you and also request you all to keep us in your prayers so that we may not loose courage but live for God.