Faith Statement:

Love God and Love one another, establishing the Kingdom of God.


  • Believe the Trinity, the undivided unity.
  • Believe the universal Church as the Bride for the Bride Groom Christ.
  • Believe the Holy Scriptures, inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • Believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
  • Believe the Baptism in Water and Spirit to be born again.
  • Believe the forgiveness of sins and eternal life here after.
  • Believe the second coming of Jesus Christ and the judgment.

    • Commitment to pray, fast and win souls.
    • Day and Night prayer with worship.
    • Prepare thousands of full-time intercessory missionaries.
    • To call forth, train, and mobilize intercessors to live a life of prayer.
    • To prepare God's people for serving and caring for the spiritual and physical needs of people in the church and the local community.
    • Work from the levels local to global with all individuals and institutions irrespective of language, colour, country, age, denomination, government etc.
    • Services-Spiritual

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