Village Outreach and Evangelism

Our aim is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage evangelism in the villages and rural communities of India.
We are compelled by love to reach the lost. Our philosophy for outreach and evangelism is not one of duty, and we don’t have a formula. Missions is our joy, the simple, logical outcome of knowing Jesus. We simply respond to every window of opportunity to share the gospel; that may take us across the street, to a remote village or around the world.
He can and will make a way for us. We obey His leading to reach people with every resource available to us: boats, airplanes, trucks, overcoming faith, limitless love and joyful energy. We travel to encourage our local pastors and find out what their needs are and assist the churches to provide for the needs of the people in these communities. We meet their immediate needs of food and general health care treating scabies, worm medication as well as general wound care. We minister creatively to meet the communities needs whether it be building schools, churches, housing or health clinics. The most exciting part of outreach is watching what Jesus does among the people as He miraculously heals, delivers and sets people free.